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I love colour, I love cute, and I love to bring joy to people with my art, so thank you for coming by and hanging out for a bit! I've been drawing animal people since I was very young, and I've been a full-time freelance artist since 2001. Known as the "Badge Queen", I've drawn hundreds of character badges over the years. Enjoy my gallery, browse the store, and if you'd like to commission your own piece of art, just drop me a note!

News as of April 2015:
For the first time, I'll be trying streaming video with my new webcam (which I'm still waiting to arrive...), and participating in Tigerdile's Homecon April 17-19. I'll be taking badge and con-sketch commissions, and you can watch me create them before your very eyes! I'll also be doing a panel on How to Draw Cubs, so stay tuned to the Homecon page for scheduling details.

is my next convention, May 8-10 in Edmonton, AB--my "local" con (as I'm only a couple of hours' drive south)! I'm only going to be there for Saturday and Sunday, however. I'll have my Badge Collections on USB available, a delightful gathering of adorable characters on a 4 GB USB drive that you can also use to store some of your own stuff (go to my store for more info). I'll also be doing badge commissions, but as always, if you want to guarantee getting one the best way is to pre-order it to pick up at the start of the con. Email me to order yours today.

Upcoming conventions in 2015:
Further Confusion, San Jose CA, January 15-19
Furry Fiesta, Dallas TX, February 20-22
Fur-Eh!, Edmonton AB, May 8-10
Anthrocon, Pittsburgh PA, July 9-12

Rainfurrest, Seattle WA, September 24-27
Midwest Furfest, Chicago IL, December 4-6



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