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I love colour, I love cute, and I love to bring joy to people with my art, so thank you for coming by and hanging out for a bit! I've been drawing animal people since I was very young, and I've been a full-time freelance artist since 2001. Known as the "Badge Queen", I've drawn hundreds of character badges over the years. Enjoy my gallery, browse the store, and if you'd like to commission your own piece of art, just drop me a note!

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News as of June 2014:
Announcing my newest collection of Marci's Badge Art on flash drive! I've been hard at work collecting badge artwork that I've done since 2012, and I'm super excited to debut this new collection at Anthrocon. It will have over 300 badges, convention sketches and more. If you would like a chance to pre-order the new collection before it comes out (and get a FREE magnet of the adorable raccoon mascot!) email me or subscribe to my mailing list below.


Anthrocon is my next convention: I'll be in sunny Pittsburgh at the world's largest furry convention. This convention is crazy busy, so if you have your heart set on getting some artwork from me, you can pre-order to avoid sad-face, but only until June 28! Email me to order yours today.

Upcoming conventions in 2014:
Fur-Eh!, Edmonton AB, May 2-4
Anthrocon, Pittsburgh PA, July 3-6

Rainfurrest, Seattle WA, September 25-28
Midwest Furfest, Chicago IL, December 5-7


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